How can BTL marketing campaigns bring substantial sales increment?
October 30, 2020

How can BTL marketing campaigns bring substantial sales increment?

Gaining customer’s attention and then retaining it, in the long run, is essential for a business to grow and flourish. For a company to excel, building healthy customer relationships is the basic foundation, and BTL campaigns help strengthen these customer-brand relationships. Through these activities, you can have regular direct communication with potential customers and save them as loyal customers in the long run. Through BTL activities like direct calling and mailing, you can build and nurture your relationships with your customers.

If your customers trust you, then there are very high chances that whenever you launch a new product, already existing customers will show a great interest in buying it and what else does a company want?
Every successful business you can see today has grown out of its ability to have excellent customer relationships and BTL activities can help you reach out to customers and create healthy relationships with them.
a) They are affordable: Cost-effectiveness is another factor that makes BTL campaigns an interesting factor. In an affordable cost, customer-centric promotions can be done and customers can be influenced by these campaigns.
b) BTL activities are target centric: Campaigns are focused on end target customers who would potentially be interested in the product being promoted. Using these strategies the marketer can target the right audience with creativity and in an innovative manner.
c) Serves as a tool in getting ahead of competitors: Competitors might be preventing customers from choosing your products with their product and marketing-oriented strategies. If you too are thinking about how to increase your sales rate and get ahead of your competitors, BTL promotional campaigns can come to your aid
d) Wide Scope: BTL campaigns are not limited to the type of products you wish to promote or what your location is. They have a wide scope from whatever your product is to whatever your location, you can always find some suitable BTL marketing technique to promote your company. Be it product sampling, newspaper inserts, etc, you can always find an effective BTL promotional technique depending on what your product is and what your target audience is?
e) Gather Crowd and have a deep impact: BTL campaigns can be woven with a lot of creativity and innovation for example use of mobile vans is a very creative and innovative idea of conducting a BTL campaign. When something catches the eyes of a person, he cannot resist it and centered on this idea BTL campaigns successfully attract a crowd and allow you and your team to promote your product well.
f) Widespread Awareness: As mentioned above, using BTL campaigns you can work on creating an everlasting impact on the audience. If you succeed in creating an indelible imprint on their mind like mentioned above, whenever they will find someone who might be searching for a product or service similar to what you are providing, these people to whom you have promoted your product will let the one requiring your services know about you.
g) It is actually what you need: A company needs marketing techniques which are captivating enough that they capture the attention of the customers once and leave an impact on them forever. A variety of marketing/ promotional techniques and BTL campaigns provide an enormous variety of techniques or ways to promote like road shows, trade shows, direct calling and emailing, use of newspaper and magazine inserts, product sampling, in-store promotions, etc. They provide you with a lot to choose from.

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