How to organize a stage show?
July 15, 2020
Evening Bell

Stage shows can be a great way to showcase a variety of performances that bring a lot of people together and enjoy. It gets a lot of attention from the public and can keep them alive through great performances.

Evening Bell, the best stage show organizers in Kolkata, is here to help you with the perfect event plan and make the most from it. They can strictly coordinate your event, meet the deadlines you have set, and be persistent always.

Staging a show is a big affair, but following a series of guidelines will help you navigate the process with ease.

Below are some management tips for a well-staged show:

  • Check Legalities – Get permission from the council regarding the venue, date, time, and noise control of the event.
  • Suitable Date – Select a proper day like a holiday will gather more crowds and make the show successful.
  • Proper Venue – A large and open place will hold more people and will allow them to enjoy the show evenly.
  • Time Management – Choose an appropriate time for starting and finishing the show will make the show more attractive.
  • Seating Arrangements – Table settings or seating arrangements need to be fixed beforehand.
  • Stage Décor – An open stage will help the performer of the show to get closer to people.
  • Essential Equipment – Arrange the necessary equipment like Power, sound system, lighting, speakers in advance.
  • Basic Safety – Ambulance or first aid, security, crowd control, toilets, waste bins, and water are the basic things that should be arranged in advance.
  • Entrances and Exits – Detailed instructions and information about the entry and exit, public transport options, the parking lot will help the audiences.
  • Emergency – Be aware of emergency exits, disabled access, fire extinguishers, location for unloading of equipment, and equipment storage areas.

A good stage show can create buzz and can be a topic of discussion in the city. People will come to see the stage show with joy and will feel the excitement.

Evening Bell is the Best Event Management Company in Kolkata, which handles stage shows with magnificent results. They have already managed and presented a good number of stage shows pretty successfully.

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