Types of corporate events in India
June 20, 2020
Evening Bell

When we talk about a business thriving, what we fail to recognise is that, it not only works out on the basis of sales but also depends upon a lot of other factors including extravagant product launch, dinner parties, etc. These are an important part of corporate event management. Now, to be a good event manager, one has to have the knowledge of everything that his/her work revolves around. Therefore, we are going to talk about the types of corporate events and discuss how to handle the same.

  1. Board meetings

Critical decisions are often taken in these meetings. Sometimes, even the shareholders come together for this purpose. Event planners need to take care of all the necessities of the attendees even before they ask for it.

  1. Business conference

These conferences are oftentimes held to discuss the latest happenings of the industry. This type of event might need speakers. Hence, the event managers need to be ready to provide the relevant services.

  1. Press conference

These are held to declare important decisions or to discuss about the upcoming products. The event manager should be able to handle both the VIPs and the press.

  1. Award Functions

These are held to appreciate the work of the employees. Hence, the event is mostly employee-centric and that has to be kept in mind while planning for it.

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